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Previous Members

Postdocs and PhD students


Dr. Rowan Clark

PhD 2017, then continued Postdoc in Phase Change Materials

Dr Hayleigh Lloyd

PhD student 2012-2017; Postdoc 2017-2019

Last known position: TNO (Netherlans Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), Netherlands

Dr Stuart Kennedy

Postdoc 2017-2018

Last known position: The Falcon Project Ltd. UK

Dr Nilgun Sen

​Nilgün completed her PhD on the synthesis and characterisation of new energetic materials at Ankara University in 2013. She has since been employed as an assistant professor in the Turkish National Police Academy Institute of Forensic Sciences since 2014. After being awarded with a postdoctoral scholarship given by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), she joined Prof. Pulham’s group in March 2017. Her particular research interests are in high pressure crystallographic studies of energetic materials.

Post-Doc 2017-18

Dr. Steven Hunter

Post-doctoral research includes 2 years working on an industrially funded project exploring the effects of high pressure on the structures and physico-chemical properties of selected oil-based lubricants at high-pressure (DAC work {Raman, fluorescence spectroscopy}, classical molecular dynamics [MD] simulations). Steve was subsequently on secondment at the US Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen, Maryland where he performed experimental and computational studies of energetic materials under high-pressure and high-shear conditions (ShearDAC work {Raman, X-ray diffraction}, DFT-D, quantum MD).

Post doc 2013-2016

Last known position:

Dr. James Roebuck

Post-doctoral research involved identifying additives that suppress the freezing point of screen wash to -2 oC at practical concentrations for commercial application. Further work was funded by the UK Home Office and aimed to develop additives to be used to inhibit the production of explosive materials from domestically available chemicals.

Post doc 2015-2016

Last known position:

Dr. Sarah Thomas

US Army Post-doctoral Researcher


Post Doc: 2014-2015

Last known position:

Dr. Helen Maynard-Caseley

Post Doc: 2009-2010

Last known position: Australian Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)

Dr. Iain Oswald

Leverhulme Trust Post-Doctoral Researcher in High Pressure Crystallography


Post Doc: 2006-2009

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Adam Michalchuk

PhD 2018

Last known position: BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research, Germany

Daniel Ward

PhD 2017

Last known position: Nalas Engineering, USA

Alasdair Mackenzie

PhD 2017

Last known position:

David Oliver

PhD 2014

Last Known Position: Sunamp

David Millar

PhD 2010

Last known position: Civil Servant

Nasir Abbas

PhD 2009

Last known location: University of the Punjab

David S. Martins

PhD 2008

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Previous Undergrads


Rosa Crevecoeur

Rosa was a final year MChem student at the University of Edinburgh. She was working to develop and characterise novel co-crystals of metacetamol, a stereoisomer of paracetamol.

MChem Student

Ivana Lapsanska

Ivana is in her final year of MChem at the University of Edinburgh. She worked in the Pulham group in association with industry on a summer project concerning the depression of freezing point of screen wash solution.

Summer Research Student, 2016

Ewan Baine

Ewan is in his final year of MChem at the University of Edinburgh. He undertook a summer project with the Pulham group looking at the use of phase changing materials in thermal energy storage.

Summer Research Student, 2016

Puck van Gerwen

Puck is a final year BSc student. As a summer student in the Pulham group she is looking at identifying new phase change materials (PCMs) to be used for heat storage applications, and analysing existing PCMs for degradation over time.

Summer Research Student, 2016

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The Pulham Group

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