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Dr. Sumit Konar

Postdoctoral researcher in high-pressure

Sumit obtained his PhD from Stockholm University under the supervision of Prof. Ulrich Häussermann in 2015. He joined Prof. Pulham’s group as a School of Chemistry five year post-doctoral research associate in January 2016. Sumit is actively involved in numerous areas of the Pulham group's research activities, and assists with undergraduate andpostgraduate teaching and supervision within the School of Chemistry. His particular research interests are in high pressure crystallographic studies of pharmaceutical and energetic materials.

Dr. Oleg Nerushev

Postdoctoral Researcher in High-Pressure Properties of Lubricants

Oleg joined the Pulham group in 2015 on an industry-led project on lubricants under high pressure. His previous experimental works in Physical Chemistry (or Chemical Physics) cover a large range of phenomena and parameters (in particular across a pressure range  from 10^-10 to 10^+10 Pa!). It is not obvious why industry is interested in the REALLY HIGH pressure (1-10 GPa) properties of oil, unless you estimate pressures in cylinders or gear boxes of your car. Experimental research is based in Diamond Anvil Cells in conjunction with a number of spectroscopic techniques and microscopy.

Dr. Xiaojiao Liu

Post Doctoral Researcher in Materials Science

Dr. Rowan Clark

Post Doctoral Researcher in Phase Change Materials

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PhD Students

Karl Hope

4th year PhD Researcher; ISIS Neutron Source

Karl obtained his MChem degree at the University of Edinburgh in 2014 under the supervision of Dr Mark de Vries, investigating the structure of magnetic perovskites. He joined the Pulham group in 2014 to pursue an MRes degree, assessing the suitability of Resonant Acoustic Mixing technology for energetic materials. Karl has since remained with the group to pursue a PhD under an ISIS Facility Development Studentship, looking at the crystal structures of energetic materials under extreme pressure, while improving the high-pressure equipment of the ISIS Neutron Source.

Emily Goddard

3rd year PhD; SunAmp

Emily joined the group in October 2016 after completing her MChem at the university of Edinburgh. Her undergraduate project under Stephen Moggach was in the field of high pressure crystallography, studying ZIF-8 with varying hydrostatic media. She is now working on the encapsulation of various phase change materials (PCMs) for energy storage applications.

Nisa Atceken

2nd Year PhD Student;

Nisa completed her BSc in Chemical Engineering at Yildiz Technical University, Turkey. She subsequently obtained an MSc in bioengineering in 2016, on a TUBITAK sponsored project, crystallizing enzymes. In Nov 2017, Nisa joined the Pulham group to pursue her PhD, working on the co-crystallisation of Energetic materials.


Nisa is funded by Turkish Minister of Education.

Akachai Khumsri

1st Year PhD Student

Akachai obtained his MChem degree from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand in 2012 under the supervision of Professor Dr. Mongkol Sukwattanasinitt. His previous research experiences was in organic synthesis working on cyanide fluorescent sensors from diphenylacetylene derivatives. He then worked at the Michelin Company for four years as a material development engineer. He joined the Pulham group in Sep 2018 to pursue his PhD, working on studies of environmentally benign propellants.

Akachai is funded by the Royal Thai Government Scholarship, Ministry of Defence.

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